Do you always go with the low bid? …


Through the years we have discovered that the majority of building owners here in Albuquerque have not been supplied with accurate information regarding the laws and regulations for window cleaners hanging off the sides of their buildings. Consequently, just accepting the lowest bid without consideration of whether the company is willing or able to perform the service legally, may end up costing the company millions.

A while back a Southwest company had hired a High-Rise window cleaning company to clean their buildings. Because of the failure to follow OSHA and/or ANSI rules and regulations, an accident resulted in the death of several people. The window cleaning company had liability insurance and that was good, but not enough because laws were broken.

This accident forced the insurance rates to rise considerably, and forced building owners to put restrictions on window cleaners performing future services.

albuquerque downtownAre you liable?

Many property professionals don’t realize that building owners and managers are required to provide a safe building from which to work; i.e. proper anchorage; and window cleaners are required to ply their trade within specific safe guidelines according to the ANSI/IWCA I-14 Window Cleaning Safety Standard.

We have witnessed many unnerving procedures performed by major window washing companies. In one instance, we calculated that their total fines for breaking OSHA regulations would have been about $35,000.00!

Some companies use workers that are “sub-contractors” who do not carry their own liability insurance. If they don’t, who do you think would be liable in the event of an accident?

Many companies use a waist harness while descending, which is against OSHA regulations. They are required to have a full body harness system.

There are buildings that have been done for years without the workers using tie backs. OSHA requires a “tie back” on practically everything.

Then there is the building damage we have seen due to improper equipment used on the roofs. Including broken windows where clamps have slipped off of the parapet wall. This doesn’t include the glass that was skipped to save time on floors so high up or in an odd location that building owners/engineers may not check.

Over the years professionalism in window cleaning has virtually left New Mexico. More importantly, the lawful performance of High-Rise window cleaning seems to be in hibernation.

Tux Window Cleaning is committed to changing the current atmosphere in New Mexico for two reasons. First and foremost, peoples’ lives are at stake, as well as the reputation of lawful and professional window cleaning.

Performing your duties professionally and according to all applicable laws, requires more time and equipment. Consequently you must charge more. This is like the difference between having a licensed electrician or the high school handyman from next door, wiring your house. Do you decide on hiring a window cleaning company just because they have the lowest price? It may be that they have the lowest price because they are unprofessional, and work unlawfully. If so, there may be a large hidden cost to your company. Tux wants to serve you “First Class”, and will provide professional service that meets or exceeds all OSHA, ANSI, IWCA and BOMA’s I-14 Regulations. We are setting the pace for safe and professional window cleaning in New Mexico.

Questions to ask?

  1. Do you know and abide by the new I-14 Regulations?
  2. What Tie Backs will you be using on my building?
  3. When was the last time your ropes were inspected?
  4. What type of descent device do you use?
  5. Is your descent devise OSHA approved?
  6. What counter rate ratio do you utilize when descending?
  7. Does your Roof Roller conform to all regulations?
  8. Are you trained in self-rescue?
  9. What is your procedure for rescuing a worker in fall arrest?
  10. How often are your motors inspected?
What’s the difference between a window washer and a window cleaner?A window washer gets your windows washed and a window cleaner gets your windows clean!